Charges based on actual weight, regardless of volume in some certain country.

Consolidation fee to Taiwan

When merging goods from warehouses in different countries, the price per pound will be calculated based on the higher freight rate; when merging goods from the same country, the price will be calculated based on the freight price in that country (except for special warehouses in Hong Kong).


  • Cargo size restrictions
    • One side of the combined length, width and height of the combined package must not exceed 80CM and the sum of the three sides must not exceed 150CM.
    • The ratio of volumetric weight to actual weight exceeds 5 times
    • Volumetric weight calculation method: (Length cm X Width cm X Height cm) / 6000 X 2.2046
    • If you exceed one of the above limits, you may need to pay additional fees, be rejected by the warehouse, or be unable to be shipped.
  • Cargo weight and quantity restrictions
    • The maximum weight limit for each shipment tracking number is 44 pounds.
    • If a single piece of goods exceeds 22 pounds, it cannot be combined with other goods and needs to be transported independently.
    • The maximum number of combined items per transfer order is limited to 10, and the maximum combined weight is 22 pounds.
  • Transfer order shipment packaging
    • Single shipment transfer
      • To reduce customs clearance issues, we will unpack and inspect your goods
      • If the extra space in the package is too large, in order to avoid damage to the goods due to shaking, we may cut the box during processing, but we will not replace the outer box of the shipment.
    • Consolidation of multiple shipments
      • To reduce customs clearance issues, we will unpack and inspect your goods
      • We will consolidate the goods and remove the original outer cartons if appropriate.
      • After the goods are consolidated, there may be a difference (heavier or lighter) between the weight of the goods when they are delivered and the charged weight displayed on the website when the goods are consolidated.

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